I love children-- I love their clear skin and their shiny eyes and their perfect teeth.

. . and I'm not just talking about my treasures --three of them! --a boy and two girls, ages 5, 8 and 12 -- I promise you that I will fall in love with yours too, within moments of finding the right light and connecting the right energy.

I love --and am equal parts sad about--how quickly they grow. As parents, these subtle changes seem to sneak up on us, our children's sprouting size and height. Their faces mature, their hair and their nails…

My vantage point as mom and photographer means that I can completely relate to that obsessive desire you have about truly capturing each precious physical change our kids make --and we all know this is impossible to do with true accuracy.

I get it.

I also get that children (depending on their age and personality) don't necessarily love having their photos taken.

I get that they get bored and distracted easily, that they need someone to hurry the process along and make it fun for them. So I'm really silly when I need to be, and I speak to them in Japanese to get their attention (crazy, right? --I speak fluent Japanese). I use toys and props and games and whatever it takes to keep their expressions from being fake and frozen and in (emotional) pain!

My goal is to give your beautiful children back to you-- using flattering angles, natural light, their true expressions.

I edit-out the outtakes and the boogers and scratches so that you are left with only stunning photos to moon over for years to come, even as they continue to change.

What we ultimately create with these photos --prints or albums or a multitude of fun products-- is entirely up to you.